A survey for the IFAC community

The question of what to include in the curriculum is something which is relevant to academics (and indeed industries) across the world. This survey aims to collect data and viewpoints from the world-wide community and disseminate an analysis of these views back to the community through the IFAC world congress and other media.

A secondary and later project focus will be: how do we as a community provide and share Learning and Teaching resources for the topics we value the most?


  1. A student doing multiple courses in control will able to cover most core topics, and hence the most important issue is: what should we cover when BEng/BSc engineering students take just a single control related course, as this is more typical for many engineering programmes?
  2. A single course is taken to have about 40 instructor-led lectures of 50 min each. The lectures may include active learning components, such as solving example problems or using a simulator. This is taken to be (1/6) of an undergraduate academic year.
  3. Some introductory control courses include a laboratory (hardware and/or software) component in addition to the instructor-led lectures. For such situations, we are interested in the lecture topics that you think should be explored primarily in a laboratory setting.
We are also interested in what topics you would add when a student does a second course; this is added as a supplementary question (box) and SHOULD not influence your answer to the first question. [Tick this box, if you would include a topic in a 2nd course but have answered no to including in a 1st course.] We are not interested in what you might do in 3rd and 4th courses where these apply, as these are inevitably linked to specialisation.

DATA: we wish to correlate responses with country and discipline to discern whether there are obvious national/discipline differences so you are asked to state the background which underpins your responses.

PERMISSION: I agree for the data I submit in this survey to be used in publications sharing the survey results that are written for the global control community, but not for commercial use.

About yourself

What department/industry sectors are influencing your views?
You can tick more than one discipline if you feel your answers cover multiple engineering disciplines simultaneously.
What is your main role?
What is your age?
What country do you work in?

The first control course in general
Prerequisities for the first control course

What knowledge should be required prior to the course?

Topics in the first control course

Signal Processing
Identification and Modelling
System Analysis
Control Design
Industrial Implementations
Select 5 the most important topics that have to be certainly covered in the first control course.
Order of selected topics is important
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