Model upload

The model is uploaded to the database via the form. In the "New Model" tab, we will find the upload form. We will fill all the items:

  • Upload new model to server - file with model (cos, xcos, zcox, mo)
  • Model Mainframe - model name, you can choose a new one or add another if you want to add a model with another controller.
  • Type or regulator - name of regualtor, which is used.
  • Values
    - Title - The name of each controller that we want to modify in the future.
    - Default value - it's default value.
  • Configuration values - the return values we expect from the server.

Values and configuration values can be added with +. Then upload.

Demo for Segway - PID controller.

  • Model Mainframe - Segway
  • Type or regulator - PID
  • Values
    - Title - Kp
    - Default value - 0
    - Title - Ki
    - Default value - 1
    - Title - Kd
    - Default value - 10
  • Configuration values - time, phi, x - because we need angle, position and time for chart.

When you are setting 'Title values', it is necessary to keep the names listed in the context of the block diagram.

Is is strongly recommended to use variable 'time', for time; variable 'phi' for angle; and variable 'x' for position.